2019 "Equality For All" March

Do you own a business? Go to a supportive church? Are you in a community group? Are you an individual that believes in equality for ALL? If so, grab a few friends and join us for Akron's third annual Equality March!  The 2019 Akron Pride Festival will begin with march step off at 10:00 AM in Highland Square, leading to Hardesty Park and we invite you to be part of the celebration!  When registering as individual, please type individual in as your name of organization or group.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

March FAQs

March Rules


Type "Individual" if you are not registering an organization. All are welcome!
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Organization Address
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Organization Phone
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Organization Contact
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Organization Contact Phone
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Each organization/group must select a Group Leader who will be the liaison between the Akron Pride Festival March Committee and your group. The Group Leader does not have to be the same person listed as the Organization Contact. The Group Leader will receive an email about the March and is responsible for their group to adhere to the March Rules.
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