The 2018 Akron Pride Festival Guide is your source for all things in the LGBTQ community. Read our Pride Guide to check out all related to our PRIDE event. The 2018 Akron Pride Festival's Guide will also feature local LGBTQ  contributors, ads from supportive businesses, news and announcements, spotlights on our sponsors, and so much more. 

Akron Pride Festival will distribute hard  copies of the  2018 Pride Guide and circulate them leading up to the festival. Additionally, the Pride Guide will be published online. Overall, the Pride Guide will at least 10,000 people during Pride season. 

Important Info for Advertisers:

  1. Deadline for Pride Guide advertisement submissions is Friday, July 9 by 5 PM EST.
  2. Your advertisement must be in one of the following formats: PDF, PNG, JPG.
  3. Click here to email your submission. Please submit by the deadline as later submissions are not guaranteed to be in the final Pride Guide.
  4. Returning advertisers are entitled to a 10% discount.
  5. If need be, APF is happy to design an advertisement for you, however, in such scenarios, we will add a $100 design charge because of the work our design team would have to do. For advertisement design requests click here.
  6. If you have a community event that is specific to the LGBTQ community, it may be eligible to be published in the Pride Guide for free. Events determined to be eligible will have their events listed on the Pride Events calendar in the Pride Guide, and must provide:
    • Event title
    • Event time and date
    • Location
    • Website for hosting business/organization, if applicable.

Pride Guide Creative Writing Submissions:

We love seeing creative, inclusive works written by local LGBTQ writers! In order to supply relevant and engaging content for the Akron Pride Festival  Guide, consult the steps below to craft your submission. Feel free to be creative with the theme! Short stories, articles, and poems are encouraged. Please abide within the rules below, we welcome your submission.

  1. Deadline for Pride Guide creative submissions is Friday, June 29 by 5 PM EST.
  2. Theme for submissions:
    • Creative submissions must speak about LGBTQ life and experiences. 
  3. Creative submission requirements
    • Word count: 500-750 words
    • Submissions must not be promoting a product, brand, etc. Submissions may not be overtly political/explicitly supporting a candidate for public office. Profanity and explicitly sexual language is discouraged. Any language that denigrates a class of people based on their gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, religion/religious affiliation, race, or sexual orientation will be summarily disqualified from publication. 
    • Must be submitted online as a word document. 
  4. Click here to email your submission to Marketing.

Note: APF does not guarantee that each submission will be published in the Pride Guide. Submissions will be assessed subjectively, in addition to the objective criteria above in order to balance quality and overall content.